Thursday Night Men's League

Thursday Night Scramble League
2019 Information/Rules Sheet

  1. Entry fee is $125 per player ($250 per team).  Fees MUST be paid by the 3rd week of league play or team will forfeit all points. 
  2. Green fees for non-members will be $23.
  3. Play begins promptly at 5:30pm. Please be at your assigned tee no later than 5:20pm.
  4. League play will consist of 16 weeks, beginning on May 2nd and ending on Aug 22nd, with playoffs afterwards.  The league will NOT play on July 4th.  If any rainouts occur during league play, we will use Aug. 29th, if no rainouts occur we will have a league fun night, format will be TBA.
  5. There will be 2-8 week sessions, with 2 divisions in each session.  (Divisions will be established by the club for the inaugural session.  Each session after, the divisions will be determined by averages.)   
  6. Scoring Format:

2 pts per hole.
4 pts won to net winner of match.
6 pts awarded to team if total score ties or is under weekly average

  1. Team averages will be 100% of total score.  Each nine will have an established average.  Averages will be calculated after 1st night and continue to adjust throughout the season. 
  2. Player Substitutions will be allowed.  Sub teams will establish averages after initial week; averages will be 50% of total average.
    1.  Example 1: Sub Team A shoots 40.  Average calculation:  40-36= 4.

 4*50%= 2
 Avg. to be used: 4-2= 2 

  1. Example 2:  Sub Team B shoots 34.  Average calculation:  34-36=-2

  -2*50%= -1
  Avg. to be used:  -3

  1. Players do have the option to play alone if no sub can be found.  The player can only play 1 ball when playing alone. Team Average is still used.
  2. Teams playing against no-shows or ghost team will be play against gross par.
  3. Skins game (optional) is $10 per team, includes gross and net skins. 
  4. There is NO MAX SCORE per hole when determining the winner of a hole/match. 
  5. For handicap purposes only, the max score is NET double bogey
  6. Playoffs will begin after the conclusion of the league.  They will consist of the 1st and 2nd place teams of each session.  (8 teams)  Subs are allowed only if the team has played together at least 2 times on the same nine throughout the year.
  7. Both teams will be given a scorecard and all hole scores must be agreed upon, signed, and returned to the golf shop.  Any missing cards will result in forfeiture of points.

USGA rules apply except as follows:

  1. 2-man scramble, both team members hit from the same spot.
  2. ALL play will be from the Blue Tees.
  3. May improve your lie 1 club length in any direction from original spot, not nearer to the hole.  Partners don’t have to move in the same direction.
  4. You may place or roll the ball.
  5. If your ball lies within the hazard you must stay within the hazard.
  6. You cannot improve your lie to the putting surface.
  7. You are allowed to move the ball from rough to fairway or fairway to rough.
  8. Gimmies are allowed at the discretion of competitors, must be within the length of a putter.